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Use Intect 7 before any on-site drug test to detect adulterated samples. 1- 2% of urine drug test samples that are positive go undetected because adulterant testing was not done on our product line. Use Intect 7 to ensure the integrity of the drug test. Intect 7 is a simple one-minute adulteration testing device. No expensive equipment is needed.

Adulterants change normal levels of Creatinine, Nitrite, Glutaraldehyde, pH, Bleach and Specific Gravity in urine. For example; putting vinegar in urine will make it more acidic and increase specific gravity. Intect 7 is a convenient, easy-to-use dipstick testing device that identifies analytes commonly associated with attempts to interfere with the accuracy of a drug test. Adulterants are easy to purchase; there are over 15 sites that sell them on-line.

Use Intect 7 to find donors who have tampered with their urine in an attempt to beat the drug test. Intect 7 provides the largest panel of adulterant tests on the market in a simple to use dipstick format.

Intect 7 testing strips detect:

Testing for creatinine, pH and specific gravity aids in the detection of common attempts to defeat a urine drug test such as dilution or adulteration of the specimen. Testing for nitrite, glutaraldehyde and bleach reveal attempts to foil a drug test by interfering with the reagents or result interpretation components of the drug testing device.

Once a urine specimen is collected from the donor, the drug test administrator simply dips the Intect 7 reagent strip into the specimen. For legal and forensic purposes it is not recommended that Intect 7 be dipped into the primary collection container or testing unit. After several seconds, the dipstick is removed from the specimen and held in a horizontal position with the pad up.

The drug test administrator is then able to easily interpret the results by comparing the color of the reagent strip to the corresponding blocks on the color coded chart that appears on the label of the Intect 7 container. Once the visual comparison and interpretation of results is complete, the stick can be discarded. If necessary, Intect 7 allows the drug test administrator to request another specimen immediately while donor is at the site of collection.

Getting help for substance abuse and substance abuse

Realizing that you've a issue is the initial step on the path to recovery, one which takes tremendous courage and strength. Facing your addiction without reducing the issue or making excuses can seem to be frightening and overwhelming, but recovery is at achieve. If you are ready to create a change and prepared to seek help, you are able to overcome your addiction and make an enjoyable, drug-free existence on your own.

The Ultimate Drug
Testing Support is essential to addiction recovery

Don’t attempt to do it yourself it’s very simple to get frustrated and rationalize “just one more” hit or pill. Whether you decide to visit rehab, depend on self-help programs, get therapy, or have a self-directed treatment approach, support is important.

Recuperating from substance abuse is a lot simpler if you have people you are able to rely on for encouragement, comfort, and guidance.

Support can come from:

When a family member includes a drug problem

If you think that the family member or friend includes a drug problem, listed here are a couple of steps you can take:

Speak up. Speak with the individual regarding your concerns, and provide your support and help, without having to be judgmental. The sooner addiction is treated, the greater. Don’t watch for the one you love hitting bottom! Be ready for excuses and denial by listing specific good examples of the loved one’s behavior which has you worried.

Take proper care of yourself. Don’t get so swept up in another person's drug problem that you simply neglect your personal needs. Make certain you've people you are able to speak with and rely on for support. And remain safe. Don’t place yourself in harmful situations.

Avoid self-blame. You are able to support you aren't a drug abuse problem and encourage treatment, however, you can’t pressure a drug addict to alter. You cannot take control of your loved one’s choices. Allow the person accept responsibility for actions, an important step on the way to recovery for substance abuse.