A Revolutionary Breakthrough in On-Site Alcohol Screening

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Individual Testing Kits $6.50 30-Kit Case $180.00 Volume Pricing Available Instant Results Alcohol Testing with just 3 Easy Steps:

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Step 2:Insert Collector Into TestInsert Collector

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  • Quantitative results
  • On-the-spot answers
  • Reliable...

  • Built-in quality control
  • Long shelf life
  • Simple...

  • Reads like a thermometer
  • No color comparisions
  • No instrumentation required
  • Noninvasive
  • Accurate...

  • Used as an accurate testing device in place of blood tests
  • Clinical trials demonstrate high correlation to blood analysis by chromatography
  • Worksite Alcohol Testing of Personnel Holding Safety Sensitive Positions:

    Alcoholism and Excessive Drinking

    It isn't always easy to understand whenever your consuming has entered the road from moderate or social use to problem consuming. But when you take in alcohol to handle difficulties in order to avoid feeling bad, you’re in potentially harmful territory.

    Alcoholism and excessive drinking can sneak on you, so it’s important to understand the indicators and do something to scale back should you recognize them. Understanding the issue is the initial step to conquering it.

    Alcoholism and Excessive Drinking Comprehending alcohol addiction and alcohol abuse

    Alcoholism and excessive drinking are because of many interconnected factors, including genetics, the way you were elevated, your social atmosphere, as well as your emotional health. Some racial groups, for example American Indians and Native Alaskans, tend to be more in danger than the others of developing alcohol dependency.

    Those who have a household good reputation for alcoholism or who connect carefully with heavy consumers may develop consuming problems. Finally, individuals who are suffering from the mental health condition for example anxiety, depression, or bpd will also be particularly in danger, because alcohol might be accustomed to self-medicate.

    Have you got a consuming problem?

    Since consuming is really common in lots of cultures and also the effects vary so broadly for every person, it isn't easy to determine in which the lines are between social consuming and problem consuming. The end result is how alcohol affects you. In case your consuming is leading to problems inside your existence, you've got a consuming problem.

    Consuming problems and denial

    Denial is among the greatest obstacles for you to get help for excessive drinking and alcoholism. The need to consume is really strong the mind finds many different ways to rationalize consuming, even if your effects are apparent. By continuing to keep you against searching honestly at the behavior and it is unwanted effects, denial also increase the severity of alcohol-related issues with work, finances, and associations.

    For instance, you might blame an ‘unfair boss’ for trouble at the office or perhaps a ‘nagging wife’ for the marital issues, instead of take a look at the way your consuming is adding towards the problem. While work, relationship, and financial stresses occur to everybody, a general pattern of degeneration and accusing others might be an indication of trouble.

    When you are rationalizing your consuming habits, laying about the subject, or declining to go over the topic, take the time to think about why you’re so defensive. Should you honestly think it's not necessary an issue, tthere shouldn't be reason that you should hide your consuming or make excuses.